Sunday, April 19, 2015

Olde worlde boat modelling

Water Bug Hull

Mt Dad is indulging in a bit of old style boat modelling. Using a 1950s plan (still available) for a boat called "Water Bug", he's busy with balsa wood doing some scratchbuilding.

Waterproofing the wood involves several coats of "sanding sealer". This soaks into the grain and hardens it up. A quick sand between each coat and the surface is converted from the soft and spongy balsa to a smooth and hard, almost resin like finish.

The smell (of cellulose dope) is wonderful too, best not appreciated anywhere other than in a well ventilated room though!

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Odds said...

I have that plan! An original that came with an Aeromodeller plan for a high wing monoplane on the back.
Lovely to see an old model being built new.
And cellulose sanding sealer is an absolute must for balsa wood. It also filled the grain of my son's Triumph Renown re-veneered dashboard before a final sand and clear coat. I love the smell, too.