Friday, April 17, 2015

Waggly bit installed - on one side


Attaching the crossheads to the connecting rod was achieved by using a small bolt through the back. The head is large enough to stay put and the thread poking through the front can support the crosshead arm. Plenty of solder holds all this lot in place.

The larger crossheads gave me unexpected problems with space behind the radius bar but attacking the top of them with files and a saw removed enough metal to sort this.

Everything is now working. I think the fly crank arm is a it long as the expansion link is leaning back too far. For the moment, it all works on this side so I'll carry on fiddling.

(If you are thinking I'm well versed on the technical terms, the trick is to look at the diagram on Wikipedia)

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Anonymous said...

Here's a comparison photo from Kernow.