Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Edding cutter MP9

KnifeSome traders can see me coming. Gerry Freestone knows if he points me at a quality tool, I'm probably going to buy it.

So it was that I ended up with a Edding knife.

Truth is, it's a very nice bit of kit. Snap-off blade knives have been around for a long while but the cheapo ones don't always lock the blade when you use it.

The tips can also flop side to side thanks to sloppy guides at the end.

None of this here. The lock is solid and that metal handle lets the blade move under half a mm sideways.

The handle is 12mm wide, or deep if you are holding it properly. Thin enough to replace the scalpel on my desk if I want it to. Since most of the wear on a blade occurs at the tip, this could be handy as I can have new tips every few cuts.

A tool intended for graphic designers not numpty modellers, but just as good for us.

Price, a tenner plus 6 quid for a pack of blades from Freestone Model Accessories. You might be able to bag one cheaper, but I'm happy to save postage and anyway, I like to handle tools myself before buying. Mind you, that's why I have a bulging tool chest and no money...

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Anonymous said...


I am not sure why there is always such concern amongst modellers of "always using a sharp blade" when cutting card. I've seen modellers at shows buying large quantities of blades. Magazine articles often say "change the blade frequently" when working with card. If I am building a card structure I keep an oilstone on the bench and touch the blade up after every couple of cuts. That way a blade lasts for ages. Makes a snap off blade cutter redundant.


Colin Murdoch.