Sunday, March 06, 2016

Bachmann biscuits

On behalf of MREmag, Tuesday saw me take a trip down to London for the Bachmann product announcements for 2016. I've covered this over on MREmag so if you want details of the new goodies, head over there.

Now, I know what you are thinking. "I bet all the money I spend on model railways goes to fund a great big shindig for the press and their mates."

Well, rest easy. The only refreshments provided were tea, coffee and hot chocolate from a vending machine - and there wasn't any tea to be had by time I got to it as Mr York had finished up the milk - and biscuits.

Yes, I know there are party rings but most of the plates were plainer fare. Not a chocolate biscuit to be had.  I didn't think journalism was like this.

While the event was all about the model railways, Bachmann's recent acquisition of the PocketBond group also played a part. This wasn't just a press event, the real focus was on the retailers. The company likes to look after them, after all they are the shop window - literally!

So, a couple of displays showing the vast array of Pocketbond items on offer were provided. Most eye-catching to me was the massive plastic kit of HMS Hood. It must be over a metre long and yet costs only £299. OK, not the same as a five bob Spitfire of 1960s Airfix fame, but not bad for such a large and detailed model.

Designed as a static model, I can't see any difficulty fitting radio control inside. Arranging access to the insides might be fun but no worse than any other battle ship. If I were Deans Marine, I'd be keeping an eye on the range.


Paul B. said...

I can imagine the average frothy forumites being split between 'just biscuits? Where's the caviar and champagne?' and 'party rings! Thats a bit indulgent, Bachmann should be spending money on research and keeping prices down not spoiling journo's with fancy biccies!!'.

Anonymous said...

They could have offered a few chocolate cakes at least.