Friday, March 25, 2016

Pretty good photos

Fuji Finepix AX650

Cameras are over-rated. What you see above is my aged Fuji AX650. I took yesterdays blog photo on it and the results, in low light, weren't half bad. Maybe not suitable for blowing up huge in a magazine, but pretty good all the same.

Last weekend I found myself having to take new product photos with it. Not realising there would be so much good stuff to see I'd not bothered sticking the Canon G12 in the bag.

Despite this, I didn't do too badly:

Dept of field is a bit limited, but I've seen magazines use photos that aren't sharp all the way along. The key is to sit the camera on something solid where possible. Stick it on auto, let the focusing do the job on the nearest point to the lens and then press the shutter button smoothly. A little bit of post processing and they are good to go. 

Digital photography is both wonderful and a but scary for modelling. Obviously I take a lot of photos but then so does everyone else judging by the number of images thrust under my nose at exhibitions...

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James Finister said...

It is one of those oddities of life, and physics, that sometimes a camera can punch well above its weight. One of my first digital cameras was a 3Mp point and shoot HP Photosmart 715, with a laughable specification by today's standards, yet the images it produced were way better than they had any right to be. . I sometimes use my phone camera for model photography because the combination of the small sensor, fixed aperture and wide angle tends to produce images with lots of DoF.