Thursday, March 10, 2016

RTP buildings aren't a new idea


Digging around the back of a cupboard this week, I found a little bridge. 10cm long, just over 6cm wide and 3cm tall. Made of plaster. 

Hump-back bridge Small is a A.C.E.M. Product manufactured in Nottingham. A little web searching tells me very little more about them other than the range included tunnel mouths, retaining walls and dry stone walling. 

According to the box, the world distributors are none other than Edward Exley of Baslow, Derbyshire. They were in good company with the (for the time) well reguarded coaches produced by the same firm.

Supplied ready to plonk, the colouring has an indefinable "oldness" about it. Maybe the colour just looks like something out of an old magazine. 

Can anyone shed more light on this?

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