Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Owen's Bridge and Emmett loco in NGW

A first appearance in Narrow Gauge World magazine for me this month. I've made the most of it with a couple of articles though!

NGW joined the Warners stable a few months ago and I was asked if I had any narrow gauge content for a revised and hopefully improved modelling section.

Obviously, as a freelancer, I said yes and then wondered exactly what I had that would fit the bill. I've done a few NG projects over the years but not that many have been photographed to a standard that I'd be happy to send to an editor for print.

However, the joys of selling articles on a "first serial rights" basis is that there's nothing stopping me from re-using something I've done already. Simply stuffing an existing article in the e-mail, while perfectly legal, isn't acceptable to me. Nor would I expect any editor to be happy with that sort of this - at least in such a small market. Perhaps if the magazine was an overseas publication it would matter less, but I'd still want to tweak it a bit.

Which explains why the first piece in the mag involves Owen's Bridge.

The layout appeared over 3 issues in BRM many, many months ago. The revised piece is 3 pages long and much more a traditional layout article. OK, I haven't used the phrase, "Baseboard were made in the traditional manner" but it is a much tighter piece with less detail. You can't cram all details of the construction process into the normal 2000 words available, no matter how many people at shows seem to think you can. It's only because they've never tried to do it...

Article 2 is brand new, a build of my Emmett loco Nellie:

I'm still very pleased with this model and it's nice to see it finally in print. Maybe the subject is a bit "out there" even for NGW, but I hope the readers enjoy it. 

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