Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Warehouse Wednesday: Waterloo arches

Waterloo Archway 

Underneath Waterloo station in London, a few feet from The Hole in the Wall pub, are some arches supporting the station approach road. This being London, no opportunity has been missed to use these as rentable business space. 

The moment I spotted this scene, I knew it was worth an appearance on the blog. At least 3 different types of brick - blue, red and London yellow, stonework, cables, ducts and loads of dirt. Everything you could want in a small space. Well, everything you could want as an enthusiast of grotty working buildings.

I couldn't see what goes on underneath the arches unfortunately, but if you fancy a virtual walk around, here's the link to Google Streetview.

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Nick Brad said...

I prefer the slightly more upmarket look of the Herne Hill station, the signage under the bridge wasn't there 2 years ago when I was, but it does look good.
There's an auto garage hidden down under the arches on the opposite side and the station entrance near Sainsburys would look good in model form.