Friday, March 18, 2016

Off to London

Today I'm packing up Ruston Quays for our trip down to the London Festival of Railway Modelling.

Driving in the capital is one of my least favourite occupations but needs must. If I go down the M1, it reduces the time spent on the North Circular. Well, that's the plan anyway.

As well as showing the layout, I'll be in the lecture theatre at 2pm on Saturday and 12 noon on Sunday.

If you come along, please drop by and say hello. If you sit in on a talk, please don't fall asleep...

London Festival of Railway Modelling website.

1 comment:

Huw Griffiths said...

... But that spoils the fun!

There was me thinking you wanted a bunch of peole sat in the front - some snoring loudly - some sat right in your line of sight, loudly opening and slurping cans of cheap lager, or munching their way through chocolate cake.

Don't worry, you're never likely to find me pulling stunts like that. No - it costs quite a bit of money to get to shows - and I've never exactly been noted for wasting money.

I've also never been too keen on cheap lager - I prefer quality brews, like Hoegaarden (or, in cases of emergency, decent quality cider).

As for the chocolate cake, I can guarantee that you're never likely to see me eating the stuff - I've never liked chocolate flavour anything.

In other words, you'd never get any of that bother from me (now where did I put my MP3 player?) ...