Tuesday, March 22, 2016

You're just being silly

Much as I love exhibiting model railways, by the end of the last day it's difficult to avoid letting your hair down a bit. Last weekend was no exception.

APT-E Nose

We'd borrowed a production model of the APT-E from Locomotion models and after posing it sensibly on Ruston Quays, I couldn't resist setting the nose up pointing out of the hole I made at the end of the station to stop the DMU hitting the fascia support board. If I'd had my own model, or perhaps some else's, I could have just wound the speed up and saved myself drilling a hole!

Giant hedgehog

In pre-Internet and mobile phone days, people had to make their own entertainment. Many whiled away the hours knitting giant hedgehogs, which they then left in amusing places. I'm amazed no-one has modelling one before. Fortunately I was able to buy a suitable knitted animal, indeed there were a delightful array of colours on offer...

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Anonymous said...

You could't afford the real "Andrew"'s fee?