Saturday, March 05, 2016

Mr Rainbow's coal wagon

Dropping in to my local model shop in the week, I found a shiny new wagon pressed into my hand for review. 

An exclusive commission from Bachmann for the shop, the prototype was the only wagon owned by JH Rainbow. The livery is as accurate as possible with a lot of research taking place by the owner and doubtless some of those who drop into the shop. It's amazing what you can find out if you ask enough people. 

You might wonder why the wagon is numbered "5" if it's the only one in the fleet. As far as anyone can tell, the other 4 wagons were the horse drawn carts used for delivering coal around the town so the railway wagon was just added to the series of numbers - I really like this story. It's the sort of social history that makes this hobby so special. 

Anyway, if you want one, contact Classic Train & Motor Bus.

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