Tuesday, March 08, 2016

One man's trash is another man's tresure

Leave me in charge of a second hand stall for a weekend at an exhibition and you can be sure some of the sales will be to me.

This year I got away pretty lightly.
  • Dart Castings letter boxes. I needed one of these in a hurry recently and am sure I have at least one in the collection of whitemetal bits. Could I find it? Of course not so £1.50 well spent.
  • Fox Transfers D Numbersets for selection of English Electric Type 4 Locos. Didn't know they were for Peaks when I bought them and there is one number missing, but for a quid, well worth squirrelling away into the transfers folder. 
  • Lithoplan Model Products BR Timetables & Signs. Never heard of Lithoplan Model Products and these look a little crude, but for 50p, if I need to finish a 1970s station model then I'm sorted. For timetables, toilet signs and platform numbers anyway. 
  • Kenline 4mm scale wagon kits. Two 4 plank LMS wagons for £4. Kenline kits fascinate me as the bodies are made of pre-cut plywood. Metalwork is whitemetal castings suplimented by pre-riveted plastic strips. It's all a bit crude by today's standards but with a bit of care, perfectly presentable layout wagons can be produced. More to the point, they are interesting to build. 

So, more bits to add to the pile that to any sensible person already looks too large. On the other hand, a stash of materials is pretty much essential for me and while I can ignore the pile of old RTR, the little packets are pretty irresistible.


Anonymous said...

Any chance on an additional photo of those wagons. The kit sounds curious, not to mention I wasnt aware the LMS built any 4 planks themselves.

Phil Parker said...

I was thinking of building the wagons as a blog project so watch this space!