Sunday, September 08, 2019

Guildex 2019

Photo Booth

Model railway shows can keep you fit. At least working Guildex, the major show for O gauge modellers each year, keeps me tired, if not exactly fit. 

The step tracker on my phone said I did really well - because the day is spent running from one side of the Telford International Centre to the other with products for photographing. 

Each trip takes around 5 minutes, dodging swinging backpacks and people who aren't looking where they are going because they are so blinded by the excitement of a room full of trainz. This is carried out while carting a valuable (top price £2750) model. And in a hurry. 

This year I clocked 21 different products - if you count the packs of figures as 1, or well over 30 if they don't. 

My problem this year was that the event clashed with the Harbury beer festival, so I was determined to be out of the door around 3pm. I managed it!

This limited my time for layout photography, but I did manage some snaps, which can be found on Flickr.


Huw Griffiths said...

It sounds like you probably enjoy Guildex.

As for the Guild - and other scale / special interest groups - is there in joining them "for the average enthusiast" - or do they mainly cater for people who are committed to a specific scale etc.?

I don't know if there might be some merit in doing a magazine article on this theme at some point - perhaps even allowing some gauge / special interest groups to explain what they offer to potential members?

Only a thought (probably not much of one) - as having seen some rather good models of locos, stock etc. at the Newport O Gauge show has given me an appetite for more ... .

Woz said...

G'day Phil,

MMM black beer, my favorite!

Have you tried Bock beer ?

Bock is a Bavarian brewed sweet black beer & is the 1st registered recipe in the world of the 14th century, also it had been brewed consistently since the 12th century.
It was also only brewed for special occasions being Easter, Christmas & weddings.
These days when I have a Bock I count it as a special occasion, haa haaa, as it is available all year round from George 1V Inn, Picton, NSW, Australia.
Disclaimer: I have no connection with this establishment, just a patron of the pub with the Bock brew.

Cheers Woz