Friday, September 06, 2019

Sunshine stops play

Sunshine is overrated. With small children heading for a visit, I decided to dig out the LGB Harlequin locomotive as I thought they would enjoy giving it a run.

Outside though, it wouldn't respond to the control handset.

Duff batteries I decided. The model had been sat on the shelf for many months, so I changed them. It worked fine.

But back outside, no control.

Back to the workbench. Batteries checked and wiggled. All seemed fine. 

Outside hopeless.

Then it hit me - I was testing the model on a very bright, sunny day. And the infra-red receiver is on the top of the cab. The sunshine must be confusing it.

So the kids got to watch trains but not play with the pretty one which makes noises. A shame, but they didn't mind. We just didn't tell them what could have been. 

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