Monday, March 02, 2020

Answering Questions

Time for a bit of admin answering questions posed in the comments on recent posts.

Paul B asks on the post "A Hen's Tooth": I now have one, with the plastic spike and the original box. Works as well. Now, I have a request which I hope you won't mind as I know you're a bit of a fan of these (pun intended!), can you please post some photos of the inside of the body, of the plastic spacer that sits across the middle of the chassis, and of the body fixing screw? Mine has neither screw nor spacer, and I'd like to see what should be there so that I can fabricate new parts if possible. 

Hopefully, this will help (click on the image for a bigger picture). The bar is a simple plastic item that fits in the recesses in the chassis. The bolt is a long bolt. Something with the thread running all the way up would be just as good.

Hum asks on the post "E-R Models Monorail":  Just out of curiosity, what's the space between the conductor "rails" on that track?

I think this should answer the question. 

Hope this helps everyone. Don't forget you can always use the Ask Phil link on the top right of this page.


Huw Griffiths said...

Many thanks, Phil.

Judging by your new photo, I'd guess that they've probably adapted a Z gauge chassis to power the monorail model.

This certainly explains why the drive cogs looked so "chunky", when compared with everything around them.

Paul B. said...

Thank you Phil.

A second question if I may, does the screw screw directly into the plastic body, or is there a threaded female insert?
And, do you know what motor is used? It look like a slotcar job, certainly a different beast to most model railway motors of that era.

Phil Parker said...

There is a threaded insert in the body to accept the screw. Don't ask me what size as it will be imperial and I don't have a way to measure that!

Motor - no idea. It's 12V so I would expect there are slot car origins. It looks similar to some in my dad's old cars but is just as likely to be a parts-bin special.

Paul B. said...

Thanks again Phil.

The size of the thread doesn't matter so much, I'll be making the screw and insert myself.

The motor is I should imagine quite high revving for a model railway application, which again points towards slot cars.