Saturday, March 07, 2020

Saturday Film Club: Out of Scale

For his recent birthday, I bought my dad a book:

He loves classic Disney and this gave him a real laugh. 

The story concerns Donald Duck and his model railroad. Finding a real tree, he replaces it with a scale version, ignoring that chipmunks Chip'n'Dale live there. There are some shenanigans and they all live happily ever after once he realises his new friends are to scale with the model.

The book is loosely based on the short film Out of Scale which I've linked above. Should the fill 7 1/2 minute version be too much for you, there's a short version too with 4 fewer minutes.

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BR60103 said...

I have a DVD (North American) with some episodes of the Disneyland show ca. late 1950s. One of them is called Where do the Stories come from? One shows the source of Out of Scale with film of Walt building his backyard railroad, the Carolwood Pacific.