Thursday, March 26, 2020

Shops and brickpaper in the April BRM

It's all the fault of Wycrail. During my visit to the show last year, I spotted the fascinating tramway layout, Upper Oreful Street. You might remember that we'd recently produced a London themed issue and I thought an LT tramway would be a perfect fit. Sadly, space constraints precluded it's appearance there, but now we are back with me behind the camera.

It was an interesting shoot as the layout not only looks great in daylight, it's wired for lights, so well worth seeing at night. Grab a digital issue and you get a bonus film showing all this. As it is, half of my photos were taken in the dark.

Inspired by the superb shop windows, I was told to go away and have a go myself.

My version uses a couple of Petite Properties kits and a Bachmann resin building. The model shop even has a working train set in the window!

Finally, I'm working with brickpaper on the DVD.

I know this is a very "traditional" (read: old-fashioned) material, but it still does the job perfectly well. A little care when applying it to a model and the results are excellent. No painty fingers either.

April 2020 issue of BRM on RMweb.

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