Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Waterborne Wednesday: Bournemouth Belle

Bournemouth Belle

Built in 1975, the Bournemouth Belle is 86 feet long and can carry 228 passengers. 

 My photo dates from 2008, a few years later, the company lost the contract to run the boats. She has now become the Sark Belle. You can track her here. 

I think she's a nice looking boat and would make a fine model. Not too complicated a superstructure, some plans would be nice, but the only problem I can see with a scratchbuild is arranging the body/hull separation and keeping it tidy enough to be invisible.  

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Huw Griffiths said...

How invisible does the body / hull separation actually need to be?

Looking at some of the internet photos, a horizontal line is visible along the hull (about half way up the blue paint - at a similar height to what looks like a slot, below the front of the passenger saloon).

I don't know if it might be possible to fit the drivetrain below this line - pack loads of foam around it up to this line - and rest the floor and superstructure on top, with the outside of the hull built up like a tray. What I'm envisioning is a similar arrangement to those tote trays you find in toolboxes.

OK - I'm not sure about this stuff - let's face it, I've never built a powered model boat in my life - but something like this might offer a way of camouflaging any join.

Somehow though, I wouldn't be too surprised if someone were to come along soon with a much better idea.