Thursday, March 19, 2020

I need a filing system for rubbish

How do you deal with "useful" styrene offcuts?

I've a tin containing some of those that I think are big enough to be worth keeping but too small to file with the full sheets.

Working with the silhouette cutter recently, I generated a small mountain of really nice, but small, rectangles. They are perfectly square and would, I am sure, come in handy when making plastic models to bracing corners. I say "would" because I've reluctantly thrown them all away.

What I need is some sort of filing system. A way to store the useful and ensure I don't just keep all the junk. I don't like throwing this sort of stuff away, but can't keep everything. Has anyone got such a system?

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Alec said...

I replace them back into a draw with the same thickness sheet if they are a useful size. You can still use the offcuts in your cutter if they are not too small. You need to position them carefully and make sure the machine is going to cut it in the same position. You may need to use masking tape to hold them down depending on their size and how sticky you mat is.