Thursday, March 05, 2020

We knew you'd buy that...

Last Thursday, there was a bit of a clear-out of stuff from Pete Blakeman's estate. Many O gauge locos, some rolling stock and loads of boxes of bits were brought out and sold to his friends. 

Among the collection was this card kit from Purple Bob's Hobbies. I'd never heard of them, and since it's for an undertaker, I was interested enough to lay out a fiver. 

This caused great hilarity - "I know you'd buy that." someone chortled. 

It seems my interest in oddball models from obscure manufacturers is well known, and I'd fallen into their devious trap. 

Not to worry. This is an interesting looking kit. The photographic quality walls will look really good in photos, and if I scribe the courses between the stones, pretty good in real life too. 

I'd never heard of Purple Bob's Hobbies - but there is a website which is rather fun. Products as a mix of card kits and engineering castings, a bit odd but there you go. The more time I spend on the site, the more I like Bob and his "Quintisentially British Models". I see there is a list of shows, must see if I'm free to take a proper look one day...


Christopher Payne said...

An interesting and attractive range of kits. However, there is not a rainwater gutter or downpipe in sight. A significant ommission.

Christopher Payne

mog said...

nice find! :-)