Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Developing the repeatable Part 1 - Roadside walls


There are a lot of brick walls on Selly Oak so it's important that they not only look right, but I can produce them in a sensible time frame AND that they all look consistent. 

In fact, consistency is the most important thing as far as I am concerned. You aren't going to look at these walls, if they are done properly. 

For the road, where there is very little to go on as it's all been modernised, I've adopted a pretty simple version with 2mm thick plastic covered with Slater's embossed Plastikard. Pillars are another layer of 2mm wrapped in more embossed brick. I'm being good and covering the sides as well as the wider faces. 

Decoration is limited to a strip of bricks. Another easy to apply detail. 

Colour is grey. I'm not 100% sure about this, but the few original remaining bricks on the canal bridge are grey and the colour suits the model in what Jason calls my "creative vision". 

The important thing is, I can churn this stuff out by the mile and make modified sections reasonably easily. Then everyone can ignore it on the finished model. Such is life.

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