Friday, October 09, 2020

The most satisfying job of the day


A couple of weeks ago, I wasn't having a good day. Every so often, the news really gets me down and I can't concentrate on anything useful for work. Trying to do some modelling, or pretty much anything isn't going to happen, but I was lucky, there was one job that I was confident I could do. 

My sister has a shed/studio at her cottage and one of the windows had broken. She had specified a plastic replacement and a sheet was ordered from the same shop I get my baseboard wood from. 

I picked this up along with a couple of lengths of quarter-round strip. Oh, and some pin nails as I'd forgotten to pack some. These, and some tools, headed to her place and within 20 minutes, the hole was filled. Quite nice and neatly too. 

Oddly, it was a really satisfying job. Not difficult to do, but definitely "a good job done". We all need this sort of task occasionally I'm sure. I know I did.


Steve said...

Your sister has a craft bench too, your whole family are modellers :-)

Huw Griffiths said...

Sounds fair enough - and I can imagine the act of driving those nails home being somewhat satisfying, if your modelling mojo has gone AWOL.

By the way, would those "pin nails" have been what are sometimes known as "panel pins"? In case anyone's wondering why I'm asking this, I seem to recall hearing of some people filing the heads of solid brass nails, then using them to represent door handles on O gauge carriages.

Duncan Young said...

How to stay happy
Don’t watch the news
Stay off the scales

BR60103 said...

A job with definite specifications, reasonable time frame, and an obvious completion.

Phil Parker said...

Steve - My sister is an artist and crafter. Over the last couple of years, she's really got into painting but will dabble in lots of crafts too.

Huw - These are steel pins but I think they are often refered to as "panel pins" too. Yellow box, blue writing, stupid cheap. Every garage and shed has at least one box - it's the law.

Duncan - wise advice.