Sunday, October 04, 2020

The last chip buttie'n'sail of 2020?

Tuesday's weather forecast looked promising so I booked a sailing slot at the lake for what might be the last chance to put a boat on the water and enjoy a chip buttie this year. 

My dad and I have used this as a welcome chance to get some fresh air over the lockdown. The plastic table is well sanitised and everything is placed on paper so it doesn't come into contact with any germs. While a buttie might not be the healthiest of teas, occasionally I'm sure it won't do any harm - and in a world where we are constantly being told to go home and wait to die, I'm inclined to enjoy the odd indulgence. 

We took Mis-Cheif for a run and also Lady Isabella, a Victorian style electric-powered steam yacht built years ago.

Lady Isobella

Lady Isobella 
While there, I took the chance to give the Olympus Pen a chance at model boat photography. he results are pretty good. It captured the colours well and even on autofocus, the results are sharp enough for most work. 

Nice chips too. If anyone wants some, we couldn't eat them all...


KCD said...

Been to the UK a few times, but missed out on the chip butty. Gonna have to do what you guys did and make up my own. Might have to put a wee bit of ketchup in there, though. That would work as I used to eat a lot of ketchup sandwiches back when we didn't have a lot of $$$$$.

Phil Parker said...

The ketchup is just out of shot...