Friday, October 16, 2020

ANOTHER pair of glasses

Remember when I said I had three pairs of glasses? 

Well, now I have four*.

For a while, I've been concerned that for real close-up work, I have been taking my specs off so I could focus properly. I don't like doing this as I still feel they offer more protect to my eyes than no glasses but the reading glasses wouldn't cut it. Clipping some magnifiers on the front helped a lot, but I'm not entirely comfortable with them.

Since I was due an eye test, I took the chance to have a chat and see what could be done. My main prescriptions hadn't changed significantly, so we did the reading test at closer range than normal. 

The result is another pair that appear to do the job. I can focus closer, although as any glasses-wearer knows, it's taking a bit of time to get used to them. 

Next stop, an optiviser... 

*Actually, five as I have prescription sunglasses too.


Paul B. said...

Optivisor - one of my more recent purchases, and one that I could not now do without. I now wear it every time I sit at the bench. I can even fit mine over safety glasses, useful for certain lathe jobs. The only downside is that you can see your painting mistakes more clearly....

Huw Griffiths said...

Sensible call about doing the reading test at extra close range. What possible point would there be in having an eye test and not trying to ensure it reflects what you use your eyes for?

My most recent eye test was early this year.

There hasn't been any real change in my distance prescription for over a decade.

However, I'm now in my mid 50s - and my near vision definitely isn't what it once was. Since my hobbies include railway modelling (well, attempting to build models) and electronics, this is an issue to me.

When my optometrist let me know that she was about to check my near vision, I pulled a secondhand HO scale Roco Köf out of my backpack - and then held it a few inches away from my face.

I'm not sure my optometrist was expecting to see a small model loco appear during my eye test - but she certainly didn't mind in the slightest. Far from it, in fact - as she commented, this gave her some idea of exactly why I needed these glasses. This meant that she was able to tailor my "close work" prescription accordingly. (They're spot-on, with the result that I took to them instantly and use them a lot.)