Saturday, October 03, 2020

Saturday Film Club: Groudle Glen Railway Steam festival from the air

How I missed my trip to the Isle of Man this year. The best I can do is enjoy it via other people's video. 

Today, we get a look at this years stream festival. All the GGR chuffers are on parade and I'm pleased to see the locals supported the event as most of the trains look nicely full.  

Groudle is tricky for drone filming, you can's really get past Lime Kiln Halt thanks to the tree cover, but the footage does show the coastal and of the line to good advantage. 

Update: It seems the video is borked. Not sure why.


Chris Jobson said...

I'm unable to see the video - I'm getting "Video unavailable. This video is private."

Colin said...

You might have a settings issue as I clicked on the video and got a "This video is private" message.

Geoff said...


I tried to watch the Video. I am getting the message 'Video Unavailable This video is private.



Phil Parker said...

Sorry - there seems to be an issue with the video. It worked fine when I set it up. I'll have a look.