Saturday, October 17, 2020

Saturday Film Club: Ding Dings in Hong Kong


 I still remember my visit to Hong Kong a few years ago. Technically a stop-over on the way to Australia, it was amazing.

On the second visit, I managed to get myself on the ferry to see the traditional trams, nicknamed "Ding-Dings", running on Hong Kong island. I'll never get the chance to ride a double-deck car through busy city streets. Crich is nice, but you are in the country, something a bit alien to trams in their heyday. 

Anyway, this video really sums up the experience. Watching the start of it, I could taste the city. The place has a gritty, metallic taste that I haven't experience anywhere else. Watching the video brought it straight back to me.

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Nick Brad said...

They are amazing, I wonder if I could convince somebody to make a model of them for Transport Fever 2