Thursday, November 10, 2011

ex-LNER Class C15 locomotive

Model C15 locomotive

Finally, after rather longer than it should have taken, the C15 locomotive is finished and has been passed on to its new owner. After final assembly and a little light weathering, it looks rather nice. It's ABC gearbox makes it move like a Rolls-Royce too.

I didn't go to town on the dirt. This is a well-cared for locomotive which is doesn't gleam but at the front there is dirt and a bit of rust. The underframes are grey and brown with a bit of earth colour blown on with the airbrush. This creeps up the bodysides a bit as would happen in the real world. Along the top is two shades of black and a touch of gunmetal for sparkle.

On delivery, I found the bogie spring needed quite a bit of adjustment to keep the driving wheels in proper contact with the track. It might be that the spring needs to be shortened, but it can't be left out altogether as the bogie will leap around if some of the weight of the loco isn't transfered to it. I put some lead in the body but as a DCC chip was to be fitted, I left plenty of space for this since I had no idea how big it was ! With the chip in, John is filling the boiler with lead and this should provide loads of tractive effort.

Hopefully the model should be running on the L&WMRS layout Kimble at Warley. With 4 or 5 coaches on the back it should look lovely.

The kit is still available from Connoisseur Models.

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neil whitehead said...

Nice job Phil-engine looks hefty and ready for some serious work.