Thursday, November 17, 2011

Jinxed cardboard

ChineyWhat you see before you is my first attempt at the Flockburgh chimney. You'll probably notice that it looks bit too tapered. I thought so too. I can't find a plan for a tall chimney so I'm having to make it up as I go along.

It wasn't easy to get this far either. Every single part I cut out went wrong. Either it was badly measured or I simply didn't cut it right. Absolutely nothing worked. There's not a single part that wasn't done twice.

Anyway, I had another go. This time I wanted the same thing except with less taper. My latest attempt went right first time.

Except that when I compare it against MK1, the taper is the same. How does that happen ?

Jinxed cardboard. That can be the only answer.

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Sam Clarke said...

I have a couple of suggestions;
Use the chimney from a metcalfe sandhouse.
Make one from a smarties tube or similar item.
Get a picture of one, enlarge it to correct size and cut around it on the cardboard.
They're only suggestions but they make chimney building a little easier.