Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thunder Tiger people

FishermanPaul asks:  Great website.......I am new to the model boat world and I have acquired a good example of the Thunder Tiger Catherine which I plan to light, rename and add a few extra’s Including a crew.
I need to acquire some rigging eyelets because the rigging was damaged in transit, can you help?
Finally for now in your view what is the approx. scale of the Thunder Tiger Fishing boats?
The first part is easy - I'm pretty certain the eyelets are available from DIY stores, or at least something very similar is. If you only need a couple though, I'd be inclined to bend them out of wire rather than buy. Form the main look around a drill bit and then twist the tail with pliers.
People are harder. Looking at my model I've used some 1/24th scale sailors from George Turner, set 2422 but repainted. However, George is giving up figure production apparently to concentrate on slot car production. You might get lucky and he will have some left in stock. If not then it's going to be more of a challenge. You might like to try Prieser as they do some good stuff and not too expensive for what you get. The slightly cartoonish President Obama might be fun to use somewhere or you can do your own thing with some nudes.
One handy hint with figures - to work out the scale, measure a door. This is probably 7ft tall, possibly 6 1/2ft on a boat. Using these numbers you can quickly divide one into the other to get a scale no matter what the model. If you know the door height, take a ruler to a toy shop and measure the little people (the ones on the shelves, not the customers) and you might be surprised what will fit in.

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