Tuesday, November 01, 2011

How big is a tank driver ?

Don asks: I know this is probably a silly question but could you tell me what size figure you would use with the hachette tiger 1 ? Height in mm please. Thank you for your help.

Not a daft question at all Don. The Hachette tank partwork is aimed at beginners and it's perfectly possible to built it without any model making experience whatsoever. The only daft thing is not to ask when you are unsure.

The tank is 1:16 in scale so to work out how tall your driver needs to be, just take his height and divide it by 16. So, if you require a 6ft 3in driver, then convert this to centimetres (190.5), multiply by 10 and then divide the result by 16. Result: 119mm

Or if you fancy loading your tank with a British Prime Minister, 103mm.

My suggestion would be to do a quick search for Tamya 1/16th military figures. The range and quality is excellent and it's easier than measuring !

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