Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Flockburgh Souveniers

Flockburgh souveniers

Flockburgh is a seaside town so it stands to reason that visitors would be able to buy some delightful tat as souvenirs. To provide some atmosphere, we've accumulated a collection of these which are displayed along the top of the fiddle yard display box.

Of course, Flockburgh is a fictional place so all of these goodies have been converted from souvenirs from other towns. Luckily for us, these things are made in huge quantities very cheaply. Then they are handed to poorly paid people who paint the appropriate place name on.  As these aren't under the glazing on pottery items, a quick rub with a fibre pen and some Brasso gives me what is described in modern parlance as a "white label" item. Being made by the ton means they turn up for no money at car boot sales and other outlets for junk, for no money, so we've amassed quite a selection. Those in the photo are just the new items for Warley.

A few moments work with a small paintbrush gives a reasonable piece that could very well have been bought from a shop in the town to commemorate a visit. The fact that the painting can be a bit shoddy doesn't matter - in many ways it makes them more convincing.

The pile is enough to convince many visitors that we have modelled a real place. Finescale anoraks on the other hand are completely unimpressed. At a recent show someone who had spent the previous half hour bending my ear about how great he was building 009 chassis was especially scathing. He wandered off convinced that I didn't take things seriously enough to warrant further enlightening about his achievements. If I'd realised they would have that effect, he'd have had his attention drawn to them 29 1/2 minutes earlier !

In addition to the little items above, we also have a couple of "Flockburgh, Home of the Happy Haddock" sweatshirts that occasionally make an appearance at shows. Sadly I'd don't have a photo of myself wearing one, but if any blog reader happened to take one at Warley, then let me have it and I'll post it up here if it's not to embarrassing.


Chris Ford said...

I meant to ask you about those. Great idea, very tongue-in-cheek. And for Hellingly???

Michael Campbell said...

He wears a straight jacket when exhibiting Hellingly!

Phil Parker said...

After a weekend of operating it, I usually need one !

Chris Nevard Model Railways said...

I'm pleased that I'm not the only one approached by the lunatic fringe of our great hobby!

Actually, on that note the NEC at the weekend was from my point of view quite free of dull fruitcakes. Maybe because they counldn't hind behind a keyboard they were less inclined to bother me. Actually there was one, but I chose to be very busy just at the same moment....

Phil Parker said...

I noticed that but made sure you talked to me anyway !