Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Handyman Hall and oil tanker in Hornby Magazine

December already for the magazine world and issue 54 of Hornby Magazine sees me building a Peco Wonderful tank wagon. It's an old kit but still available. Despite its age, this is a very advanced model with working leaf springs, something I don't think is available anywhere else. Even the finescale boys who do spring their rolling stock use a wire behind the W-irons rather than proper, working springs. Maybe we've stolen a march on the MRJ crowd with this !

Down at the clinic I've explaining how to avoid burning your delicate fingers while soldering, stopping your paint from drying out, measuring rail and making baseboards. This last answer sees the first appearance of our late lamented cat Tiger in print. When I was snapping a picture of the part-built boards, he decided to wander up and sit on the corner. Two and a half decades later, he is seen posing in the sunshine.

Finally, this issue is the start of the Handyman Hall Railway series. We move from plywood bits to some rough scenery and a big pile of mess. Unlike the slightly random ramblings here, in print you get nicer pictures and properly edited text. Next month, more scenery, water and buildings.

The Handyman Hall Estate Railway

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