Friday, November 04, 2011

Fantastic Mr Fox

Fox Transfers BR crests and numbersSometimes I am to forward planning, what Archimedes was to ventriloquism. That's why a few days ago I was looking through my folder of transfers (decals to US readers) and realised with surprise that there were no BR numbers suitable for an O gauge model steam locomotive. Some of the largest BR crest from a OO sheet would be fine, but no digits.

A quick telephone call to Fox Transfers found me talking to a very well-informed lady. She could supply me with a sheet full of a specific size crest, or a mixed sheet. I went for the later as I recon there might be some G1 projects that could use the larger sizes. And I didn't know exactly how big I wanted so this kept my options open.

Numbers can also be sent in mixed or single sizes. I knew, thanks to the instructions, I wanted 8 inch and so opted for a one size sheet. I was then promised that they would be sent out as quickly as possible.

As quickly as possible turned out to mean a long envelope arriving in the post the next day. My transfers were packed with a sheet of black plasticard to stop the GPO folding them in transit. Everything arrived in perfect condition.

The crests are interesting. The loco was requested to be supplied with early BR versions. This means the "Lion on a unicycle" version. More importantly, for really early crests, I'll be using the version where on both sides of the loco, the ferret faces the smokebox. Originally this was the plan but when the Royal Heraldry people told BR that this counted as two different designs, presumably requiring two different registration fees, the railway company decided on a single version which faced the front or back of the loco depending on the side it was applied. I quite like the anomaly though and it's a conversation point for those looking at the model.


Chris Nevard said...

Transfers! Good man! What's all this 'decal' thinbg that's creeping in? Heaven forbid we'll be saying 'train station' and 'gotten' before too long. Init.

Phil Parker said...

"Train station" makes me want to punch people, especially when it is said on a train.

There is worse though. A few years ago the "great and good" who have conssitantly ruined the Leamington & Warwick by trying to preserve the towns in a form they never existed in, decided to replace the name on the sign as you enter Warwick. It went from "Warwick" to "Warwick Town". That obvioulsy wasn't bad enough as it has now been over-stickered with "Warwick - The County Town".

Rob Waller said...

I too was impressed by the swift service from Fox. I was very surprised and delighted to find them on my doormat the morning after I ordered them.