Monday, November 14, 2011

The Warley job list

A few weeks ago at Taunton, I started a list. A bit like the one that German starts in the Dad's Army film but without Pike's name on it.

Under the miss-spelt title, I noted the following tasks:

  • Clean the display box glass
  • New display box sign to replace the one that got wet
  • Build a chimney to cover the baseboard joint
  • Reverse the Jinty polarity
  • Put an extra magnet in the headshunt
  • Rewire the Class 20
  • Re-mark all the uncoupling magnets

Oh, and finish off the detail on the scenic extension.

Still, I have all week to do this don't I ?

1 comment:

CF said...

I'll come round to check and mark it all ;)