Friday, November 18, 2011

Nearly Warley

Yes, this another post about the Warley Model Railway Exhibition taking place at the NEC this weekend. I know you've read the same sort of thing on other train blogs and if you aren't going or even don't live in the same country, it's probably not that interesting. Sorry about that.

Flockburgh Brake Van

Anyway, I will be exhibiting Flockburgh at the show. Stand E54, about 2/3rd's of the way across the hall from the main door. Later today we'll load it into the car and trundle through some of the back-roads of Warwickshire to the big tin shed in Solihull, next to the airport.

The wheels are cleaned, some of the jobs are done and hopefully everything will be working as you burst through the doors at 9am (yes, 9am !) on Saturday morning. Please come and say hello, it's nice to meet people who read the blog. At least that way I can believe that there are some real humans out there !

Builders Yard

Over on the Hornby Magazine stand (A12) I'll have the Skaledale conversion builders yard on display. We reckon it will fit in one of the glass cases so you can have a proper look and say "It's smaller than it looked in the magazine".

Loco crossing viaduct

Making it's exhibition debut is the Handyman Hall railway. You've seen it in print and on this blog, now have a look at the real thing. I've had to sort out some light as the NEC illumination is a bit rubbish for this sort of thing. In my case, this is a desk lamp rather than anything more sophisticated. I'm not anticipating taking the layout out on the circuit so no great efforts are going to be made in that direction. The model might even be operating, such as it is, if you ask someone on the stand nicely. Well, ask them to turn the controller on anyway.

Warley Show Website

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