Monday, June 25, 2012

01 Diesel - Buffers on

01 coming together

There is a point in any kit build when you put all the bits together without fixing them and the model you are aiming for is revealed. Up to that point you've probably got more bits on the etch or sprue than on the model and have to focus on relatively small areas.

For me, the "coming together" point on a model locomotive usually coincides with the buffers being attached to the beams. Something about the stubby housings sticking out from the buffer beam seems to work in my head. I'm not a buffer buffer by any means - as long as they look sort of right I'm happy - but they still matter. Heaven knows what I'll do when making American engines with their filthy foreign knuckle couplings.

Anyway, the 01 is there now. It looks like the locos I have pictures of. The running is acceptable and will improve with usage. I'm on the home straight. There's still a bit of detail to apply but at least it's now 01 shaped.


lnrmodels said...

Not only is it beautifully made, it's nicely shot too - I take it you've got your own "studio" box to shoot the models in? Nice work Phil - really looking a great little model now


Phil Parker said...

Nothing so sophisticated. Just a sheet of card and some daylight balanced spotlights from Ikea. That and a beanbag for the camera to sit on while it does a long-ish exposure.