Friday, June 15, 2012

O gauge "Pug"


Years ago I had visions of producing an O gauge layout. It would have been a shunting space not unlike Melbridge Dock but with barges rather than Clyde Puffers. We built some track from C&L Bits (have you seen the price of Peco 7mm points !) and a pair of pretty sturdy baseboards. The life intervened and we moved on to something else.

The boards are still in the shed and I have a stock box containing a few locos and wagons. In the stash there might be the odd spare kit too.

Anyway, this is one model I was always really proud of. An ex-L&Y "Pug" in LMS colours. Built from a Springside kit originally produced by Sevenscale. It's a very nice kit - fiddly but if you don't mind whitemetal, good fun. As I recall the bits went together well and there were plenty of them, important because it's not a cheap kit at the time.

The painting and weathering predates my airbrush ownership and was complimented by Martyn Welch when I sent him photos in an attempt to break into the Model Railway Journal. Sadly, he felt that the kit had been well covered in the 1980's and even 15 years grace wouldn't be enough. I remembered it from Scale Trains back then but felt differently. Sadly, he was the editor so won that battle.

On the other hand, I still have a loco I'm a bit chuffed with and when digging through the stock box recently, couldn't resist sticking it in front of the Nikon to see how it looked.


matt scrutton said...

the first loco kit I made was a Springside Peckett when I was about 15ish. That one went together well and it still works, despite my lack of kit building knowledge and skill then!

Phil Parker said...

It's interesting that while I've never had much luck with the Springside road vehicles kits, the locos kits are superb. Don't think I've heard anyone say anything bad about them.

Don MasoN said...

I built a Springside GWR Prairie 25 years ago as a first attempt in 'O' Gauge and it went together sufficiently well that I got a 'highly commended' at the Gauge O Guild show at Blackpool in 1987. But then O Gauge got no further. Twenty five years on I'm now dabbling in O Scale again with ..... a Springside Pug!