Monday, June 11, 2012

Trim your scenery

Overgrown Track

Oh, the joys of a garden railway. On indoor lines, when you make a hillside it generally stays put. Static grass looks good and once you've given the board a decent shake and waved a vacuum cleaner over it, the stuff is as immobile as it's name would imply.

Outside, we've had some weather. Mostly rain but with a few bursts of sunshine and that has certainly encouraged the plants to get growing. The result, at one end of the line it looks like a landslip has occurred. In fact it's just plants hanging over the track. I'll attack them with some scissors eventually and do my own miniature version of reclaiming the track bed like the those early preservationists had to do on long dead railway lines.

Over at the goods yard, N Slack our local coal merchant is surrounded by an explosion of purple. Fortunately, the heavy pottery hut (from Handcrafted Pottery Buildings) isn't going to be moved in a hurry !

N Slack

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