Friday, June 01, 2012

The Kellogg's Village

Back in 1989, jacket sleeves were worn rolled up and cereal company Kelloggs produced a rather nice set of model buildings for promotional proposes. The sheets contained:

Sheet 1 - Church and Garage
Sheet 2 - Baker, Grocer, Butcher, Post Office and Sweet Shop
Sheet 3 - Inn & School

Printed on cardboard slightly thicker than cereal packets, all the parts are die-cut so they can easily be pushed out and assembled. As far as I can tell, they don't need any glue to put together, although like most card kits, would probably benefit from a bit of adhesive.

Approximately 4mm scale, they have a definite look of the 1950's Bilteezi kits about them Painted by watercolour artists Roger Middlebrook and Tim Gates, they are pretty well detailed and if carefully assembled, would sit well among the older kits.

While digging on t'web, I found this handy blog showing the buildings made up. Simplifying the construction to avoid the need for sharp knives and glue hasn't helped much but I bet there were some happy children (of all ages) who grabbed each one from the cornflake box and installed it on their train sets.


Michael Campbell said...

That brings back memories. My Dad and I eat a lot of Cornflakes, and I think we collected the whole set. They did indeed end up as a "village" on my train set in the loft, along with buildings made (badly) from Linka, matchsticks, Faller and Dapol kits. They may even still be up there, somewhere!

Chris White said...

Phil - happy memories this. I was five when Kellogs did this and had just received my first oval of Hornby track.y parents and extended family then proceeded to eat gallons of cereal to get me and my brother a complete set. I still have them made up in my parents loft, slightly tatty but in pretty good shape. Happy days!


Phil Parker said...

Sounds like there are many lofts full of these buildings out there !