Thursday, June 21, 2012

ABS wheels + soldering iron = BAD

Melty wheel

Scale Link mode locomotive wheels. What an innovation. Just like Romfords down to the square ended axle and retaining nut. The only difference is that the metal centre is moulded in ABS plastic. The good news is that this drops the price by 2/3rds.

Woo hoo.

Of course if you don't remember that you thought you'd try them when you bought the kit then things can go awry.

I'm sure the instructions say to use the threaded Romford crank pins but I've long since lost those. I didn't think my stash included a set of these until a few days after I realised I needed them. Instead, I soldered the retaining washer on as per normal. Well I tried to. In my defence it's not obvious you have plastic wheels and not black painted metal ones like you used to get a few years ago.

If you are quick with the soldering iron, a skilled worked probably could get away with the standard  retaining washer. I wasn't quick enough. Result: a sunken crank pin and a previously good running chassis hobbling like a three legged donkey. Compare the left (good) and right (bad) cranks in the photo above for all the warning you require.

Guess who has a new set of metal wheels on order ?

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lnrmodels said...

oops - just goes to show even the Masters make mistakes :)

Thanks for sharing Phil