Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wasp stripes

Ready for stripes

There isn't anything worse for the model locomotive painter to encounter than wasp stripes on the end of an engine. Lining, well, it's fiddly but if thin, hopefully acceptable.

Strips happen in some of the densest detailing on a model, have to be even, regular and any error shows up for all to see.

I looked around a lot for a solution for the 01. In the past I've marked the model up with pencil and carefully painted the black. Then touched up with yellow (which never covers well). Then a bit more black. Repeat until screaming ab-dabs set in.

Ian Rathbone, in his excellent book, suggests a method involving painted transfer paper cut into 2mm stripes and slid on the model like a transfer. I gave it a go and the results aren't bad.

Stripes on

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