Saturday, June 16, 2012

Prototype for everything - Plastic strips of tiles

Wobbly TilesSpotted when wandering - A shelter next to a cyclepath. Although much vandalised, all the small woodwork and railings have long since gone thanks to the efforts of the kidz on this estate full of "executive homes", the roof is intact.

I noticed that one of the strips of "tiles" had slipped. It pretty obvious that instead of being individual tiles, they are in fact, strips of fibreglass pseudo tiles. Just like we might use on the roof of a model. Not quite Wills sheet but a method familiar to many of us !


James Finister said...

The chimney stack on our "executive house" is brick effect fibreglass, complete with a solid top chimney that looks just like a Wills moulding. I know that because to do some repair work they had to lift the whole thing down into the garden

Phil Parker said...

All I can say is Wow !

In prototype for everything Top Trumps - You win !

Richard Huss said...

Remember seeing a pub some years ago in Ballina, Co. Mayo (just outside the station - obligatory railway reference) with fibreglass fake thatch.