Saturday, June 09, 2012

O gauge wagon and garden railway in Hornby Magazine

July's Hornby Magazine arrives and I'm working in the larger scales. Parker's Guide this month is an O gauge open wagon. This Historical Model Railway Society kit is a really nice resin moulding which just needs a few additional components adding to produce a cracking model.

When I say a few components, what I mean is everything under the solebar. That's wheels, axleboxes, W-irons and all the brake gear. In theory you can use bits from a Slaters kit but since I built one of those a few years ago, I went for a more exotic version with etched parts and compensation. The overall cost is a bit scary but then you don't read a cookbook to learn about beans on toast !

Free with the magazine is a supplement on garden railways and I'm in here as well. You get a walk through building an Andel Models small station building - although it would be a the size of a model cathedral in 4mm scale.

The main feature is on my garden line - The Vale of Melbridge Light Railway. Blog readers will have seen bits and pieces of this already but after some hurried work in the recent (in living memory anyway) decent weather, the model was ready for its debut magazine appearance. I'm very pleased with the way it looks in print but being a conscientious sort, supplied more photos than were used, so I though, why not let you have a look at the ones that didn't make it but I was still pleased with:

Tea and train

What could be better than sitting watching the trains go around while drinking a mug of tea ?

Night time

Some passengers just won't take the hint that the last train has run !

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