Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hunslet shunter and 07 in MLI

Sometimes I buy a mag because it's full of a subject that really interests me. Such is the case with the latest issue of Locomotives Illustrated. Number 195 covers The Small Shunters - excluding BR designs.

Basically, it's odd looking diesel heaven.

Better still, there are two photos by me in the section on modelling the little beasts. Both my 07 and Hunslet DY1 pop up carefully posed on Melbridge Parva. That big, anonymous corrugated iron wall is a real winner for locomotive photography.

The mag itself is an excellent buy, profusely illustrated with well reproduced photos in colour and black & white. Quite a lot of them are new to me and I own the main books on the subject. In fact I suspect that some of the books will look a bit pricey compared to this magazine.

So good is it that what I really want to do is dig out the 01 kit and a couple of others for prototypes in the pages and get on with them.

Modern Locomotives Illustrated Website

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