Saturday, May 12, 2012

I gotta bigger wall

Nice neat garden railway trackwork

On Monday I showed the state our garden railway track had got into thanks to the winter weather and a lack of maintenance. Well, that and some bad planning which saw a hill of gravel beside the ballast. My plan to use some Jigstone walls to hold the tide back wasn't going to work.

Now, however, all is neat and tidy. A combination of garden centre coloured concrete wall that looks like stone (actually like finger sponges for trifles but since I like those, it's OK with me) and slivers of slate, we have a wall that will keep hill and ballast apart.

On the lower side, a wall of the Jigstones stuff denotes the other side of the track. A new sprinkle of small stones and the whole area looks a lot better. Time taken, apart from moulding and visiting garden centres, was about an hour. Once the plants grow a bit and soften the hard edges, I think this is going to look lovely.

The other thing that looks lovely is that curve. I know proper modellers use flexitrack but set track does give nice smooth results doesn't it.


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Iain Robinson said...

What a difference! And that curve is nice, you're right.