Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Ratio N gauge huts

A little quickie project was passed over to me the other day, a couple of Ratio huts, in N gauge.

Hut Sprues

The tiny buildings arrive as a pair of brown and beige sprues. All the builder has to do is cut out the bits and glue them together.

Unpainted huts

For such tiny models, there are quite a lot of bits, although I've not seen a pitched roof supplied as a single part before. There are some benefits to 2mm scale obviously. The brick hut needs modification to my eye as there are too many brick courses above the door which makes the rook look a bit too high.

Painting is fiddly but to too hard. A quick wash of mortar colour followed by dry-brushed bricks (they look a bit big for bricks but too small for stone to be honest, but the instructions say they are brick. Some glazing with Krystal Klear and the job is done.

Painted huts


Colin 't Hart said...

Do you paint before assembly or after?

Phil Parker said...

In this case, after assembly. I suppose I could have done the downpipes before glueing them in place but with this sort of model it's not to difficult to work around the detail - a wash of thinned brown covers a multitude of sins !