Sunday, May 20, 2012

Hellingly Hospital in "Modelling the Southern"

There I am innocently standing in front of a nice man selling books at a show when my eye alights in a new publication called "Modelling the Southern - Volume 1: Ideas and Inspiration". I suddenly remember that I was asked to supply a couple of photos for a model making book along these lines a few months ago.

I wonder if it is this book. Picking it up to flick through from the back (we always do this, I wonder if Chinese people flick through from the front), I don't flick far before finding my layout, The Hellingly Hospital Railway, on the inside back cover.

Nice photo too - my favourite of the selection supplied.

Needless to say, all I get is credit. Not even (as far as I am aware) a free copy. If you feel this is a bad thing, click on the link below to buy your copy at a discount price from Amazon. Using this means I get a little cash as well - result !

Don't worry, there are lots of other good things in there for your money, at least there are if you think the modelling north starts at Watford anyway.

Buy Modelling the Southern - Volume 1: Ideas and Inspiration from Amazon.


Andy in Germany said...

"Picking it up to flick through from the back (we always do this, I wonder if Chinese people flick through from the front)"

Yes they do, if they're anything like Japanese, at least. It's doubly confusing to try and make sense of an oroginal japanese manga only to find you've been reading it backwards.

Well done on even getting into a book: that's far abouve any aspirations I have.

rudderlesshippy said...

Just ordered a copy Phil, via your link... Don't spend your spoils all at once!

Phil Parker said...

Thanks very much. It's a good book as far as my quick scan through shows. Basically a primer for all things Southern. You won't get enough to build a model from it, but then there are hundreds of books on the subject, what you get is the "big picture" and the starting point for the process.

I suppose it's like any journey - point someone in the right direction at the start and things are a lot quicker than if they head off the wrong way.