Friday, May 11, 2012

N gauge wagon and 3D print in Hornby Mag

Hornby Magazine this month goes all N gauge. Packed with the main mag is a free supplement on building a N gauge loco shed. I've seen this and it looks very impressive, especially (cough) the retaining wall which I made.

Parker's Guide carries on the theme with a Parkside wagon in the tiddly scale. The photos of it on the L&WMRS layout remind me I ought to get it back from Nick some time and thank it for testing it at Basingstoke show.

I've also done a bit of digging into 3D printing, basically summarising the stuff I've found so far. Controversially, I'm not saying it's the most wonderful thing in the world. It isn't and anyone who has seen a curved surface will know what I mean. Yes, you can smooth the steps but then you wave goodbye to all the rivet detail don't you. And some of the material is HARD.

I'm sure there will be letters. And rants on RM Web.

You also get a staff project on extending Flockbrugh, reviews of Geoscenics wagon loads, 1-plank wagon and a light up track tester.

Oh, and there is a load of stuff on the Hattons Garrat. Which I have on order. Looking forward to it a lot.

N gauge wagon

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