Saturday, May 19, 2012

Fred, chatting with the driver

Fred chatting

Down at the Vale of Melbridge Light Railway, Fred Dibnah chews the fat with the driver of Number 6, Peveril.

Taking some photos of the garden railway, I snapped this one which, while useless for publication, has a nice bit of atmosphere. Imagine yourself on a sunny summers day (remember those ?) at a steam railway. You are sitting on the platform as the train sits there sizzling and producing that oh so wonderful aroma of hot steam oil and coal.


DavidN said...

I love it. "while useless for publication" says a lot. Pity that atmospheric & artistic is not to the taste of current editors who seem to prefer clinical, documentary - even 'forensic'.
I'd rather have this on my wall though.

Phil Parker said...

You do get some atmospheric shots in magazines but usually with smoke and steam rather than lens flare. I did take some other photos along these lines though, but you'll have a to wait a few weeks to see them in print.

Iain Robinson said...

A great charicature of Fred!

Phil Parker said...

Fred came from here:

Lovely, cartoony figures for teh garden.