Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pilsworth 3mm scale

Resin bodies

A few months ago, we were approached at a show for information on suppliers of casting resin. The answer was simple - Alec Tiranti Ltd - but the contact didn't have e-mail or the web so any message had to be passed through several people if it was getting there at all.

The reason for the request appeared to be that the person asking had the moulds for a series of 3mm scale diesel loco bodies produced my Maurice Pilsworth. Opinions differed on the quality of these but generally, people wern't impressed.

This was where things stayed until the weekend, when Marl Priest turned up at the show with an ice cream tub full of bodies. Loco bodies that is. I snapped a photo quickly which you see above.

At the front are a pair of Pilsworth bodies, LMS 10000 and a Deltic. They are crude by todays standards but ingenious in that 2 types of resin have been used. Clear(ish) for the window area and opaque for the rest. This was probably more trouble than it was worth as later examples (I have 10000) are all opaque.

While the details are limited, the shapes aren't bad at all. The LMS loco is certainly a better shape than anything produced as a kit in 4mm scale. I still intend to build mine as it's a loco I've always liked.

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Paul Barrett said...

You have 10000 loco bodies? I thought my unbuilt kit stash was big!

(Tongue firmly in cheek of course!)